How did she know that?!!

A blonde’s house was on fire. She was
hysterical and called the Fire Department.

The man said, now calm down lady and tell us how to get to your house.

The blonde answered, „Dah

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Three Blondes on an Island!

Their were three blondes on an island, not to far away from the other side, but far enough not able to swim across.

One of the blondes goes up to a lamp on the sand and rubs the lamp. The genie comes out and says, „I will give you each one wish.”"

One of the blondes walks up and says

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sorry this really isnt ablonde joke but these are the only jokes people read and this is a hilarious joke.

One day this teacher was teaching about GOD. She asked Tommy to come and answer a few question in front of the class. Tommy said sure.

The teacher asked, „Can you see the chair?”"
Tommy replied

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The Football Game

A blonde and a brunette went to a football game. When it was over, the blonde said to the brunette, „Why in the world did those two teams fight over a lousy quarter?”" The brunette

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One day a blonde and her husband was walking home from the park when all of a sudden the blonde’s husband fell and he told her that he was having a heartattack.

a brunnette walked by and the blond asked „what’s the number for 911?”"
and the brunnette said i dont know

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There was a red head, a burnet, and a blonde….

There was a red head, a burnet, and a blonde.They ecscaped out of a german prison.The germans were chasing them so they desided to hide.The red head hid under the sheets, The burnet hid in a trash bag, and the blode hid in a potato sack.The germans poked the sheets and the red head said”MEOW”" and the germans said”"its only a cat”".They poked the trash bag and the burnet said”"WOOF”" and the germans said”"its only a dog”".They poked the potato sack and the blonde said”"potato

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